a bit

       about me...

Carolyn Myers

Artist, Wanderer,

Night Thinker, Day Dreamer.

I love coloured glass,

I love art, adventure and the definition of vagary.

I love collecting and creating curious things.


I love mosaics.

All those broken, discarded, odd ball pieces,

brought together to create something beautiful.


For as long as I can remember

I have always known I wanted to be an artist,

and as a young girl

I started on a journey to discover exactly what that meant.

Was I a painter, a printmaker, a sculptor, photographer???


I have spent years jumping from one thing to another,

so curious and eager to learn it all,

so much pressure to settle on one discipline.

Why should I have to choose just one?

My art is a result of this journey.

My current focus on stained glass and mosaic art

is combined with elements of all my artistic endeavors.

From a walk in the woods or stroll down a street alley,

Sketchbook doodles and thrift store finds,

Computer programs that actually come in handy,

Learning something for the first

or quadrillionth time.

I find my inspiration

in my everyday adventure.

And each day,

​I keep on treading along this bewildering path....



forever, evermore.

Always searching,

always wanting.

More & more

& more….

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